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Right now, without leaving your current location, you can access what we make for free. It’s on Spotify. It’s on Bandcamp. It’s on YouTube. It’s on Apple Music. It’s on Amazon. It’s on Triple J Unearthed. It’s on Instagram and Facebook and our website (thanks, Distrokid!). We’ve both been delighted and humbled upon finding out people outside of Australia have listened to our music in other bands we’ve been part of.

Here’s the thing though: it’s really hard to continue to make that music sustainably without going into debt or sacrificing your health to the altar of LADS ON TOUR, and touring is something we just can't do full-time. Sophie has health issues and she and Ben have both have life commitments that prevent them from being on tour 6-9 months a year. Yes, merch sales help (Ben is a graphic designer after all) but there are only so many band shirts one can buy, and we both have enough ill-fitting band t-shirts to last us into our golden years.

We've been in bands since we were teenagers, playing in dive bars and pouring money into countless loss-making tours because we’d been told that was the done thing.

Now we’re older and wiser, we’ve realised “the done thing” is not the thing that we want to do, nor the way we want to do it.

So, here’s our pitch. Sign up to our Patreon for $1 USD a month and you’ll make a direct tangible difference in supporting us to make music and video content, among other things. Your money will allow us to take what we've made and get it out into the world with professional sparkle and polish. In addition to that, you'll get access to our special patron-only mixtapes, essays and behind-the-scenes goodies. Think of it as access to a fan club, or a mailing list where we're not trying to sell you stuff all the time.
If you think this sucks or that we suck - good news! You can ignore us and keep your money. Otherwise... come on in.

Big thanks to our patrons:

Rachel Newnham, Carl Burnett, Zac Smith-Cameron, Spencer Scott, Mat Larkin, Adam Werynski, Andrew Stafford, Andrew Smith, Kellie Lloyd