Spokesmodel is a synth pop duo from the east coast of Australia. Sophie Benjamin sings and writes lyrics, Ben Breitenstein plays drums and makes beats. All other instrumentation, programming, writing and production is done by both of them in their respective studios in Brisbane and Melbourne.

Spokesmodel began in the dreary Melbourne winter of 2017 which Sophie spent nursing a broken ankle. Housebound, cranky and unable to play guitar comfortably, she channeled her frustrations into experimenting with synths and production software. She sent these demos to longtime friend Ben, who had played on recordings of Sophie's previous solo project and currently drums in Brisbane rock stalwarts We Set Sail. They soon discovered that rather than being a limitation, living in cities 1700km apart gave them a sense of creative freedom beyond the constraints of the scenes, cliques and politics of any one city’s music scene. So with a Dropbox account, two copies of cross-platform recording software Reaper and some spectacular communication skills, Spokesmodel was born.

Ben and Sophie are inspired by the writing approach of bands such as Garbage and Nine Inch Nails where the roles of songwriter, player and engineer are fluid. This spirit of learning by doing and being motivated by curiosity is also reflected in the non-musical skills they bring to the project — Ben works as a graphic and industrial designer (and occasional wedding celebrant!) and handles the band's visual content, while Sophie moonlights as a website engagement analyst, multimedia journalist and essayist.
Ceiling Roses is Spokesmodel’s first single, and will be followed by further singles drip-fed onto streaming services throughout the year. Engage as little or as much as you like via - or find out more about our plan